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It doesn’t matter how successful or craving you are to reach your goals, we all hit lulls and fall off track in our life journey at some point or another. It’s not bad to admit it. ‘Cause, we’re only human after all.

So many situations out there can make your goals fall short, whether you realize it or not. Maybe you’re getting distracted by other more important tasks? Maybe you’ve been traveling with friends and family? Or you’ve had a bad week and needed to take a rest.

What matters is not that you’ve fallen off, but how you get back on. Need some help with a do-over? Let me tell you a secret: you need a reset day.

One little note: This post isn’t about motivating yourself to gain back that fire. Instead, give yourself a break, clean your life a little, and reset your mind. You’ll feel yourself picking up speed and along the way.

A reset day? Tell me more!

Lavendaire is my biggest inspiration for this idea. In her video, she mentioned that taking a break to hit the reset button and give yourself the self-care you deserve is a crucial part while staying on the go.

A Reset Day, to me, is the day where take off from work, dedicated to getting back on the right track and feel in control of everything that is going on. 

Sound great?

When life gets stressful and unfinished to-dos keep piling up, allow yourself to put the rest of your life on hold for one day and hit that reset button.

Ready to recharge your mind, body, and soul before getting back on track? Here we go!

A Clear Mind and Soul:

Social Media Detox

A good reset day is one way to focus on the thing you are doing, and scrolling through your feed several times a day will throw you off the right track. So on this day, let’s try to stay away from social media or turn off your phone to appreciate the peace of staying disconnected.

I know it’s easier to say than done. This is something I really struggle with! You can’t imagine how many times I’ve decided to do some productive activities and then ended up wasting my whole time watching videos on Facebook. 

If you’re like me, roll your sleeves up, and join me with these easy digital detox exercises:

  • Avoid checking your phone or going on your computer for about one hour after waking up.
  • Remove unwanted apps which don’t bring you true value.
  • Enjoy a television-free/ or phone-free meal.
  • Switch off your phone an hour before sleeping. (This one almost makes me cry)

Do A Monthly Review

As the month goes by, a lot of information gets forgotten. A monthly review a place for you to summarize the month and reflect on different aspects of your life at ease. It lets you see your wins and struggles so you can constantly improve yourself and stop making the same mistakes. 

Here is a list of things you can include in your monthly review:

  • 1-2 habits you focused on this month. How did they go?
  • New lessons or skills you’ve learned. Which do you think would be valuable for your goals?
  • Your achievements. How did you feel about them?
  • Fields you need to pay more attention to. What can you do to improve them?

Journal for self-discovery

This is how you tackle the feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. When you let yourself write whatever is on your mind, you’ll discover yourself letting out things you didn’t notice before. They’re your inner voices.

If meditation doesn’t work for you (like it doesn’t work for me), try journaling instead. It gives you time and space to recognize the confusion in your mind. It allows you to reconnect with who you truly are, what you actually want out of life. The difference is, it also provides a visual representation of how your mind is looking right now.

If you wanna find out different ideas to journal, I’ve created this PDF list with 50 questions of self-discovery so you can download and practice.

Re-read a book with important messages

This is one thing that many of us don’t do enough. Most of the time, the idea of reading new books with new information is more attractive to you. There are so many books that you want to read and not too much free time for reading. I got it! It’s never easy to hold yourself from reading another new book.

The thing is, we’re constantly becoming new versions of ourselves, which means the way we see things might be different at every stage of life. So re-reading not only reminds you of important messages that you might forget on the go but also provides you with a totally new perspective that can help accomplish your goals.

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A Healthy Body:

Drink water

When you feel dull or tired, grab a cup of water and hydrate. Drink lots of water gives your body what it needs to recharge. You’ll have more energy, better skin, and health. It’s one of the first steps to live a healthy life. It’s simple, cheap, and perfect to start taking better care of yourself. 

A little confession here: I can only drink water with some ICE. I don’t know about you, but it’s my way to make water taste yummier. So if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the taste of water, try to flavor it by dropping a piece of favorite fruit or whatever you want to satisfy your taste buds.

Have a nice shower or bath

A simple, but always effective, way to refresh your mind and feel better is to have a nice shower or bath. Especially if you’re living with a large family, I guess shower time is a very small amount of your alone time. It’s the time you become less aware of your surroundings and focus more on your internal voices.

Here are some easy tips to up-level your shower time and make it an activity of self-care to relax your mind and nourish your skin:

  • Set the mood with music
  • Get the water temperature just right
  • Give yourself a detoxing massage with a dry brush
  • Exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells
  • Apply lotion right after the shower to lock the water into the skin

Stretch or Do Yoga

Even if you’ve never done it before, give yourself thirty minutes and give stretch or Yoga a try. It will encourage better circulation in your body and revitalize your energy. You’ll get both physical and mental benefits from this too: ease arthritis symptoms, manage stress, sleeping better, and feeling inner peace. 

It might be challenging and uncomfortable getting started, but you’ll feel so marvelous afterward (according to what my sister said, she’s an expert). She also recommends these Youtube videos of Mady Morrison. Check it out if you’re a beginner who wishes to do some easy yoga at home.

An Organized Space:

Declutter your space

Another major way to feel refresh is to reset your space. Not only will your house look more organized, but the very act of cleaning can also be necessary for a healthy and productive mind.

“Clutter is so overwhelming”, you think. Start with just one space at a time. Listening to your favorite songs or podcast while you’re cleaning can improve the quality of your work, too. Think of how satisfied you will be when coming home to a comfortable house at the end of the day.

Of course, nobody wants their reset day to be all about cleaning, right? Here are some great mini-tasks for you to try:

  • Change your bedsheet
  • Tidy up your workspace
  • Put in the laundry
  • Wiping glass and mirrors
  • After cleaning, don’t forget to scatter some candles to fill your home with an aroma

Declutter your files

I have a habit of deleting documents and files that I no longer need on my company laptop. I do it every one or two months. It makes me feel more organized and easier to find important documents whenever I want.

One more thing that I’ve recently learned from a colleague: if a folder has more than 40 documents, you should create sub-folders to keep your computer organized. Cool tip, huh?

In this post, I’ve detailed some go-to things that are perfect for my mentality. Hope you got some ideas on how to hit the reset button when things start getting stale. 

Share your tip below! I would love to get more self-care, reset day activity ideas.

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