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Positive mindset

I love talking about mindset because it’s the crucial element to decide everyone’s life. Your mindset controls your thoughts, and your thoughts create your reality. 

That’s the reason it’s so important to believe in the power of a positive mindset. It not only navigates your perspective towards a more empowering place but also improves your quality of life so that you can enjoy every day to the fullest!

With a positive mindset, you can:

  • Find more creativity and motivation within yourself
  • Boost your confidence levels and inner strength
  • Increase courage to explore new areas in life
  • Learn to stay focused and come up with the right decisions
  • Leads you to happiness and fulfillment
  • Lower stress and improve your wellbeing
  • And so much more!

Now to the good stuff. Here are some tips for adding some optimism to your life, even things are so hard that you feel exhausted.

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1. Find the reason to be grateful, no matter the situation

Practicing gratitude can be life-changing as it encourages your true self-growth. Gratitude can create an abundance of positivity and create the life that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Having grace when things are all going well is not hard at all. When you get a job promotion, buy your dream car, or meeting the love of your life, do you feel that life is full of beauty? Do you fall in love with every little thing? I do!

But the real test here is finding gratitude in the tough times. You get fired, end your 5-year relationship, or simply have a bad day. 

♡ Mini exercise to practice every day

A simple trick for maintaining gratitude is making a mental list of three things you’re grateful for when you first wake up in the morning.

Do this before your feet hit the floor, especially before you touch your phone. Practicing this every day will give yourself a happier day.

If you want to find happiness, find gratitude

—  Steve Maraboli

2. Stop comparing yourself to other

It’s somehow impossible to be on social media and not compare yourself to others.

Sometimes these comparisons can be healthy as they give you the right motivation and encourage you to take action to grow. But most of the time, they will make you doubt yourself, which is extremely damaging to your self-confidence. 

And let me tell you this, it’s never a fair comparison because nobody can think, act and bloom the way you do.

We all have different stories with different immense powers. And that’s what makes us unique and valuable in this beautiful world.

♡ Mini exercise to practice every day

Rather than feeling envious of your friends’ wins, let’s make a promise to only use them as inspirations and move toward your goals.

Ask yourself: What can I learn from them? How can they give me extra motivation to make my dream a reality?

By asking these questions, you’re allowing yourself to get out of the negative circulation of comparison and maintain your positive mindset to find new growth opportunities.

Stop thinking you’re doing it all wrong. Your path doesn’t look like anybody else’s because it can’t, it shouldn’t, and it won’t.

— Eleanor Brownn

3. Practice self-compassion and learn from your mistakes

Self-compassion is about recognizing your mistakes and then forgiving yourself for them.

I know it’s hard to let go and move on from your mistakes, especially when it affects other people.

Just a month ago, I made a huge mistake at work that resulted in the data of our team’s report being inaccurate. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days and blaming myself for being so neglectful. I couldn’t even face my co-workers thinking about how much trouble I had caused them.

After two weeks of being so depressed, I finally accepted the truth that blaming myself cannot reverse time or make the situation better.

♡ Mini exercise to practice every day

Self-compassion helps me move on from mistakes and gives me the chance to learn and grow. Here are some affirmations you can use to practice self-compassion:

  • While I cannot make difficult times disappear, I still have ownership of my response.
  • I forgive myself, and I allow myself to find inner peace.
  • I cannot change anything unless I accept it.

You’ve been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

— Louise L. Hay

4. Stop Complaining

I’m not sure about you, but I used to be the queen of complaining.

“My head hurts.”

“I’m hungry and exhausted.”

“It’s too cold outside. I don’t wanna leave my cozy bed.”

“It’s too HOT outside…”

The worst part is that I’m not even conscious of doing it. Not until one of my friends told me right in the face. It was like a whack on the side of my head which I desperately needed at the time.

We make complaining a part of our daily life so well that we don’t even realize how harmful it is. When we complain, we create negativity in our thoughts which is destructive to our happiness. The same might happen to people who listen to our whining all the time.

♡ Mini exercise to practice every day

Identify your thought of complaining. Whenever you feel like yourself is about to whining, stop instantly and take a step back. You can also take action to change it into a positive feeling.
For example, instead of saying:

“I HAVE TO wake up early for a meeting.”

Why don’t we switch it into:

“I GET TO get up early and meet new interesting people.

Complaining is finding faults. Wisdom is finding solutions.

— Ajahn Brahm

Bonus: books & podcasts to adopt a positive mindset

Get Your Books

books for positive mindset: The Power of Positive Thinking
Build a strong positive ego to achieve your goals

books for positive mindset: 365 Days of Happiness
Find joy and fulfilment in everything you do

Books for a positive mindset: The happiness advantage
Discover how a positive mind can nourish your success

Books for a positive mindset: Uplifting Stories
A collection of true stories to fuel your positive thinking
Listen To Some Podcasts

Podcast for a positive mindset: The Science of Happiness Podcast

Podcast for a positive mindset: The Lively Show

Podcast for a positive mindset: The Gratitude Diaries

Podcast for a positive mindset: Mad chat podcast

Before saying goodbye…

We’re all human, and it’s not possible to be optimistic all the time.

And the truth is, we don’t have to.

Having a positive mindset does not mean that we have to ignore our negative feelings. Sometimes, having a moment of negativity is a natural way for us to understand our inner-self.

The thing is, you need to have the courage and power to combine, respond, and make huge changes in your life by reframing your mindset in a good way!

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