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best podcasts for female entrepreneurs

Here you have it, my 6 best podcasts for female entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to grow their online business and share their story with the world.

Before working on this blog, I’ve read many articles and listened to all podcasts about content, marketing, and creativity for inspiration-boosting. So I’d love to carry on with some posts about all the podcasts that I’ve been in love with lately before they escape my head (honestly, I can be absentminded sometimes). 

Whether you’re an expert or just a newbie (like me), if you’re in need of free resources to help motivate and inspire you, then here are some of my favorite picks. I’m sure you will love them. 

Best podcasts for female entrepreneurs and bloggers

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

I love Jenna Kutcher’s voice so much that I have once sitting in my car (alone) and pretend to record my own podcast (I know, sounds funny). 

There’s something so cheerful and full of energy about her style that inspires me a lot.

And all pieces of knowledge and advice she provides are super realistic for those who wanna grow strong and accomplish their business goals. 

Must Listen: 

2. The Marie Forleo Podcast

One of the most inspiring podcasts for bloggers and business owners I’ve ever known!

I do have my boyfriend to thank for introducing me to this one.

Marie Forleo and her guests cover nearly every topic you’ve ever thought of, from success, motivation, creativity, to happiness and fulfillment.

A must for anyone who is seeking the perfect balance of both business and general life advice.

Must Listen:

3. The Content Creatives Podcast

This podcast is co-hosted by talented content creators: Maddy Keineker and Emma Cortes.

If you haven’t heard of Maddy or Emma, then please take a look at the Instagrams of these two wonderful women. 

In this podcast, Maddy Keineker and Emma Cortes share tons of valuable tips and lessons they’ve learned in the influencer world.

Moreover, I’m so in love with their small chats about daily life, relationship, wedding planning at the beginning of each episode.

They remind me of my friends whom I miss a lot (shout out to long-distance friendships). 

Must Listen:

Empowering Podcasts For Every GirlBoss And Female Entrepreneurs
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4. She Means Business

Do you want to bring your ideas into reality? Do you want to start your dream business or take your business to the next level? 

This podcast was established by Carrie Green, the founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association and author of She Means Business book.

Together with her guests, Carrie Green shares a lot of information that helps women seamlessly integrate life with business.

Above all, she’s such a friendly and down to earth person, especially when it comes to sharing all about her business journey. 

Must Listen:

5. The Kimberley Wenya Podcast

Oh, Kimberley Wenya. Where to start?

She is awesome. I don’t have enough great words for this podcast.

I have listen to every episodes of this podcast about manifestation. 

Most importantly, I love how she pours all her love and energy into each episode which makes me feel like she’s just one of my girlfriends having a real meaningful chat.

If you’re curious about manifestation, promise me you’ll give it a try!

I’m sure you’ll have a completely new take on mindset and life.

Must Listen:

6. The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast

Honestly, I’m quite new to this podcast.

At first, I wasn’t a big fan of it – but then OMG I just can’t stop listening to it.

The Laptop Lifestyle Podcast is hosted by Amanda Kolbye – a 7 figure business coach who helps female entrepreneurs grow their business and create their own freedom lifestyle.

There is so much goodness, advice, tips, and tricks in this podcast – all about business and marketing.

Must Listen:

What’s your list of best podcasts for female entrepreneurs and bloggers? I need something new on my downloaded list next month. Let me know in the comments! 

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