4 Wonderful Signs That You’re Ready For An Up Level

Signs you are ready to up level

Have you ever felt like something inside is trying to tell you that it’s time to stop playing small and be ready for transformation? Have you ever caught yourself wondering how would you be if you stepped out of this old boring routine and started looking for something new? Up-leveling can feel super scary yet exciting at the same time. We all come to a point one day where we have to make that crucial decision whether to gracefully transform into a new version of ourselves or stay stuck in our comfort zone. It takes bravery and willingness to let...

Escape The Comparison Trap As A New Entrepreneur

Comparison is the thief of joy

I believe comparing ourselves to others is a part of human nature. I also believe not all comparisons are poisonous. Sometimes, they give you a blueprint for improvement, inspire you to change, drive your creativity and bring up new ideas to make life more joyful. But for the most part, comparison can be a means to destroy your confidence by causing a lot of negative on your mind. They left you feeling envious, vulnerable, and dissatisfied with everything in life.The good news is that if you fall into the comparison trap, you CAN totally break free from it and create...

3 Secrets To Attract Money Into Your Life And Business

Attract money with cozy night in

I’ve been so inspired by the money topic recently. I listened to many podcasts, joined many free courses, read books and articles about the mindset you need to attract money. It’s not like I searched for this topic intentionally. These resources kept showing up to me when I decided it was time to learn about manifesting money. The most interesting thing? A mindset mentor I admire has just announced that her money course is officially open. Is it a sign from the universe? I guess it is (hah)! Anyway, today I’m gonna share some incredible new secrets (not so secret)...


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