Life Reboot Formula


Learn the secret formula to free up mental and physical space before stepping into the new stage of your life with clarity!

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With the expectations and the never-ending to-do list, there is nothing weird that modern women (like you and me) all want to feel like we’re making progress and not staying stuck in the same place forever.

We overload our calendars with many responsibilities and activities which leave us drained of energy.

The worst things is that: it’s not until we’re lost in those messy tasks that we realize the season we are in right now isn’t aligning with our long-term vision of life.

WHAT IF… I told you there was a step-by-step method to give yourself an entirely fresh start, a clean slate to begin your efforts anew?

The Life Reboot Formula includes the roadmap and tools you need to reflect where you are heading, so you can realign your priorities and creating spaces for the next stage of your work and life.

Cozy Night In Course: The Life Detox Formula

If you’re feeling stressed out and stuck…

It's time to pause, refresh & begin again!


Life Reboot Formula is about organizing your mind, uplifting your energy, and creating spaces for the next stage of your work and life. Fueled by actionable guidance and in-depth content, you’ll learn how to get your life under control.

Oh, and did I mention you will also learn how to create A SOFT RESET ROUTINE for those moments when you need temporarily walk away from everyday life and re-enter it with a fresh mindset?

What you will learn in the course

Sneak peek into the modules

Life Reboot Formula: clean your space
Clean Your Space

Your living and working space can deeply affect your calmness and productivity. To cultivate your wellness, you need to let go of things that no longer serve you to make the next chapter as smooth as possible.

Life Reboot Formula: clean your space
Mindset Makeover

Get clear on how you are holding yourself back and upgrade your mindset to align with the flow of your dream life. Here, you’ll learn how to get rid of limiting beliefs and organize your mind.

Life Reboot Formula: reset your priorities
Reset Your Priorities

Struggling to make the right decision that will lead to your dream life? Let’s discover how to track your progress, stay motivated, and stop putting off the things that are most important to your success.

Life Reboot Formula: pre-reboot
Pre-Reboot Activities

Sit down and reflect on your life, your emotions and your energy. Reconnect with your inner voice. Think about the area of your life that need to get a reboot today and visualize how it will be like once you got rid of the clutter.

Life Reboot Formula: post-reboot
Post-Reboot Activities

After the hard work, make sure you feel happy and connected to yourself, your mind, and your body. Give yourself the perfect self-care routine to consciously cut off from the mentally exhausting work and prepare for the next phase of life.

Life Reboot Formula: beautiful LRF workbook
Beautiful LRF Workbook

The beautiful Life Reboot Formula workbook digital download to print and make your very own. Designed with Y-O-U in mind, the workbook inspires you to come back to practice even after completing the life reboot!

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re ready to stop staying stuck and finally take back control of your and life and productivity…. YES!!!! THIS IS EXACTLY FOR YOU!

The course is designed for all ambitious women who want to step into the next stage of life — without feeling constantly lost,  stressed, and exhausted. You will find an incredible amount of value in Life Reboot Formula with information and resources that you can not find anywhere else.

This is not your ordinary self-growth course.

It’s specifically designed for modern women and dreamers who are ready to step into their next stage of life with clarity and confidence.

We’ll go deep into mindset work, decluttering and goal setting and – on top of creating more for change and for new things in life confidently.

I’ve got good news for you. Once you enroll in Life Reboot Formula, you’ll have LIFETIME access. I’ve designed this course to be easy-to-digest — without any fluff or filler. If you’re super serious about smashing through it, you could work through the course in a week.

If you can’t commit this much time to it, that’s okay. You have lifetime access to everything inside the course, so you can complete it in at your own pace. 

Once you enroll, you will get an email from me welcoming you to Life Reboot Formula with everything you need to dive on in into the content.

The content of the course consists of 6 different modules with video lessons, text-based lessons and beautiful workbooks designed with Y-O-U in mind.

You can access the course on your phone, tablet or computer using your go-to browser.

No problem! Email [email protected] within 5 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money in full; no questions asked.

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