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True passion in life? This is for you!

Many of us have been told that discovering our hobby is one of the most important purposes in life. When we were little kids, our parents and teachers always reminded us to fight for what we love, follow our dreams, and pursue our true passion. However, we all understand that not everyone knows what their passions are. Some people are born with talents for sport, music, art, fashion, etc. For them, finding an interest is not so difficult. Meanwhile, there are also people like us, who understand the value of true passion, but still cannot make up our mind and choose the right one.

In this article, I am going to share 4 simple steps you can take to discover your hobby and interest starting from today!

Before we start, I would love to note that:

There is no way to instantly identify things we love. We have to go through a long journey with many experiences and practices to find out which one suits us best. 

Step 1: Take a moment to look within yourself and answer these questions:
  1. What brings you the most satisfaction that whenever you talk about it, you light up? For example: to me, I guess it is drawing. Even though I am not excellent at it, I can spend hours scrolling Pinterest for some minimal face illustrations.
  2. What would you do for nothing? If you didn’t have to worry about money, what would you be doing?
  3. What types of things do friends, colleagues, or family usually seek your input for?
  4. Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself for the next 5 years. What does your ideal life look like?
Step 2: Recall your childhood and write down things you love to do as a child.

This is a fun exercise because the answers can surprise you. We sometimes search for true passion outside of us that we forget that it actually comes from the inside. Now, let’s have a look at your childhood for inspiration. As a child, I loved writing fiction novels. I remember Harry Potter was my biggest inspiration at the time, and the main character of my first novel was a little girl called Tanya Armstrong. I also loved drawing fashion sketches and covering my body with blankets in different ways to make prom dresses.  

Now let’s get back to reality: did you find any motivation on that little trip to the past? If so, don’t forget to write it down.

Step 3: Create visions from people who share your interests.

By practicing the 2 steps above, I believe that some of you may get a shortlist of ideas on things you enjoy doing. In the next step, we need to meet people with experience and ask them about the opportunities and obstacles this hobby could have. Contemplating all these opinions as long as you need and decide whether you are ready to take this chance. The following questions will help you have a better sense of how enthusiastic you are to pursue this passion:

  1. Are you willing to give yourself a chance to try this hobby? (The first step is always the hardest. Are you ready?)
  2. Are you willing to make sacrifices? (Starting a hobby would take a lot of time to practice. It means that you won’t have time to watch movies or hanging out frequently. Are you ok with that?)

If you can boldly answer” Yes”, then congratulations, you now know what your interest is. But what if you still suspect your answer? That’s alright. Don’t stress out. Let’s go back to the first step and contemplate them again.

Keep doing this every day, every week, or even every month 

Although it may be a bit frustrating, I’m sure you will find my answer someday. Be patient!

Step 4: Spend more than three months to understand whether this hobby suits you.

Scientists have now proven that if you keep doing something continuously for three months, there’s a great chance you’d fall in love with it and form a brand new habit. Persistence is not easy, but I know you can do it. During the process, you can meet new friends in the same field, which may give you some extra motivation on your journey toward a life filled with passions. I am always reminding myself that things take time. As I mentioned above, there is no way to instantly identify the things we love. We have to go through a long journey with many experiences and practices to find out which one suits us best. As long as you are willing to give yourself a chance to take the first step, I am sure that you will finally find your passion.

Let’s make an effort, not excuses.

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