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Comparison is the thief of joy

I believe comparing ourselves to others is a part of human nature.

I also believe not all comparisons are poisonous.
Sometimes, they give you a blueprint for improvement, inspire you to change, drive your creativity and bring up new ideas to make life more joyful.

But for the most part, comparison can be a means to destroy your confidence by causing a lot of negative on your mind.

They left you feeling envious, vulnerable, and dissatisfied with everything in life.
The good news is that if you fall into the comparison trap, you CAN totally break free from it and create a truly fulfilling life.

Let’s discover my easy tips and mindset shifts to escape the trap.

Your Behind-The-Scene Versus Their Highlight Reel

Have you ever felt so insecure inside your heart while scrolling through your Instagram feed? 

Or have you ever doubted yourself seeing people posted their flawless life, luxury mansions, perfect partners?

I feel you, girls!

But we’re missing the truth here.

Remember how many times we retake photos, choose the best one out of 100, try different filters before posting on social media? Let alone writing, deleting, and writing the caption all over again.

We can decide what we want to share with the whole world. And of course, 80% chances are we always choose to show the idealistic version of ourselves.

You might catch me posting about how peaceful my weekend was exploring beautiful nature traits with my beloved boyfriend, buying myself a brand new car at the age of 23, landing my first promotion, etc.

But if you look underneath the surface, they’re not all pretty as you thought. 

You never see me posting about the times when I came home from work totally worn out and had no motivation left to work on my creative outlet. You never see me sharing about how desperate I was when life, work, and my relationship with family didn’t turn out the way I expected (all at the same time). 

Because I decided not to show the world these ugly moments, it doesn’t mean I don’t struggle at all.

What we see is the thing they decide to share. We only know (or think that we know) a small part of a person’s life.

So, why waste your time comparing your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel?

We all know it’s not a fair comparison after all.

Unless seeing these flawless corners of someone’s life fuel you with motivation and inspiration to push you toward being a better person, I believe there are so many meaningful things we can do instead of stressing about why our lives look nothing like theirs.

Change Your Mind To Experience More Joy

Many wonderful things out there are waiting for you. Once you’re ready and open to receive all the beautiful things life has for you, they will come to you naturally. 

All you need to do is work on yourself so that when it comes, you’ll recognize and hold it with the gratitude you have.

A garden full of colorful, nectar-rich flowers will attract butterflies. Instead of wasting your time wondering how beautiful other’s gardens are, why don’t create your own garden? 

You might sometimes feel behind the track while your friends are now successful with their business, traveling the world, getting married to the man of their life. I feel you because I’d been there.

Do you know how frustrated I was trying to figure out what to do with life while some people at my age have been earning 6-figures with their side hustle?

But then I realize I wouldn’t get the answer unless I started working on myself, my goals, and my life. 

Staying focused on YOUR OWN dreams and prevent your vision from getting clouded by what everyone else is doing is the best way to get you on the right track.

Once you start working on your dream life, everything will slowly fall into place. 

Invest in yourself. Experience joys. Make a clear goal of what you want your future to be. And take action.

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others
How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Before you go

You hear this all the time, but I’m gonna say it again with all my heart. You’re special, unique, and beautiful in your own way. 

It doesn’t make sense to compare roses to lavender or to a snowflake. We all move at different paces with different purposes.

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