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If you’re a new blogger or online business owner, and are looking for some of the  best blogging tools for beginners, you’ve come to the right place.

All challenges you are facing right now to make your passion a money-making business were what I used to deal with.

There’s so much information out there. Some are reliable and worth a try, while others may seem a little less trustworthy.

I’ve spent several months scanning over hundreds of websites and have made many comparisons. Well… I admit that I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to decision-making.

Therefore, to save you time and effort, here’s the list of the best blogging tools I’ve been using to start and grow my blog.

Check them out now!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

Best Blogging Tools For Beginners

Web Platform

The first step to starting an online presence is to decide which kind of blog or online biz you wanna build. With so many different platforms out there, it’s difficult to pick the one that might work for you.

If you don’t want to immediately spend money on hosting and domain, just purely wanna test your writing skills, I recommend using the free version of WordPress.com or Wix.

These are wonderful platforms for beginners to practice. BUT remember that they provide limited options for you to choose from (including customization, plugins, development, and so on).

Free Wix

I tried the FREE version of Wix a few months before deciding to focus more on my blogging journey. Wix is a pure drag and drop builder, which makes it easy to use for a newbie. What urges me to try the free plan of Wix is that it provides many elegant themes that fit my style. You can compare the free themes of WordPress.com and Wix before deciding which one to use.


❀ Easy drag and drop functionality

❀ Free hosting and domain (with the name Wix in it)

❀ The templates are designed by top-quality graphics designers


❀ Your blog will display Wix ads

❀ Not an SEO friendly platform

❀ Slow loading time


This is the FREE version of WordPress. It can host your blog for free. And you can get your own domain name, but it’ll have wordpress.com within the URL (which will look like this: http://yourblogname.worpress.com/).

If you wanna get a custom domain, you’ll have to pay for it. It’s suitable for you if you wanna test your consistency and passion for writing a blog before making a serious decision.


❀ Free to use (including hosting and domain)

❀ Easy to get started (all you need to do is create an account and give your blog a name)


❀ All free WordPress.com websites have ads displayed on them, which you cannot control

❀ You cannot sell direct ads or use ad networks on your website, which means no monetization

❀ Limited customization: including themes and plugins


Ok, free resources to one side!

The platform I’m using right now is WordPress.org. The biggest reason I chose WordPress is that it’s totally free. You just need to get an affordable domain and hosting package, which is a lot cheaper than the others.

You can use the free theme or buy premium themes that add more flexibility to your website. I recommend self-hosting your WordPress website because you will have complete ownership! 


❀ Thousands of themes to choose from (read my post here to pick the perfect WordPress theme)

❀ Extend your blog using free and paid plugins and add any feature that you can think of

❀ Most importantly, you’ll have full control over your website to customize and monetize on your blog.


❀ There’s not much direct support (mainly through user forums)

Web Hosting



My number one tip for you is to go with the hosting platform called Bluehost.

It’s one of the most affordable and recommended by WordPress web hostings I’ve found so far.

Also, I love its excellent customer service. Always ready to help. The company has a global reach, so it’s super easy to seek support in your location and language. 

With Bluehost, you can also get a FREE domain name. It bucks out at only $3.95 a month. How affordable is that, right?

Few reasons to get Bluehost;

❀ Automatic WordPress installation and updates

❀ Free SSL certificate

❀ Free domain name for 1 year

❀ 24/7 Customer support

❀ Perfect for new bloggers

❀ Easy refunds

Web Design

Having difficulty choosing the right theme for for website? Read my how-to post here to decide which theme fit you best!

In case you haven’t heard, I’m now using the Josephine theme designed by Pix & Hue. I care a lot about how my website looks and whether people like its colors, fonts, and decorations. That’s why choosing a theme seems to take forever to me.

I always remind myself that I have only 10 seconds to impress my readers. To do so, I need to invest in a clean and attractive layout besides valuable content. Do you agree?

Creative Market

It’s a great place where you can find all kinds of materials for your blog, including illustrations, presets, fonts, and WordPress themes.

Moreover, I’m surprised that it send me free products every week. How lovely! I have many beautiful web templates and fonts in my wish-list that I would definitely invest in my blog in the future. My favorite designers so far: Pix and Hue and Heartenmade.

Email Marketing Tools


I’ve recently started using e-mail marketing. After comparing many tools, Convertkit is what I chose. It allows me to customize forms, create automatic reply messages and interact with Y-O-U (of course). 

The disadvantage is that the price is slightly high. But if you’re a new blogger with less than 1000 subscribers, you can use the free version of it.

Check my resources pages to find out more amazing blogging tools for beginners!

SEO Tools

Key Search


SEO can be overwhelming and time consuming for new bloggers. I know since I’ve also been there before when I first started Cozy Night In blog. After a few months of reading and learning, (well) it’s not as scary as I thought it was. And with KeySearch, it’s easier than ever.

If you’re blogger or a business owner looking for tools to upgrade your SEO game, look no further. I started using KeySearch after taking the blog content challenge and it’d changed the way I think about SEO ever since.

The reason most bloggers use and recommend this tool is because of its affordable price and powerful features. You can easily find low competitive with high volume keywords ideas. Don’t forget to use it for long tailed keywords also. You’ll see great results.

Above all, one interesting and super helpful feature of it is the KeySearch’s Competitive Analysis tool. It’s a friendly competitive way to look at other websites in your niche which write about similar topics as yours. Then, you’ll be able to come up with more topics that are likely to upgrade your website score and drive more traffic. 

Few reasons to get KeySearch:

❀ Firstly, Keysearch is more affordable than the other keyword research tools with the same features (and still provide us with perfect many services!) As a beginner, I’d recommend you try the starter package first (which is $17/month), and then deciding if you’d need to upgrade to Pro or not.

❀ Secondly, its user-friendly design makes SEO is pretty much fun and easier. Plus, you can also download your results in the form of CSV, excel, or PDF file. Quite convenient, right?

❀ Plus, you can also do the keyword research for Pinterest, Youtube, Etsy, Amazon, etc to promote your blog posts at ease. (Don’t forget how important it is to use the right keywords on these platform)

Before You Go

Blogging Tools For beginners Best Blogging Tools For beginners_Cozy Night In Blog

In conclusion, these are all platforms and blogging tools for beginners that I have used to run my blog. They all have pros and cons but are all the good tools to start building your blog.

Let me know which is your favorite tool in the comment. Can’t wait to know them all.

Until next time!

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