5 Designer Handbags That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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5 Designer Handbags That Will Never Go Out Of Style

It’s always been the dream of many girls to own a designer handbag. The beauty of a standout designer bag is that you never have to worry about the expired date.
A designer handbag is a big purchase, as they tend to cost thousands of dollars when you’re dealing with iconic brands. So, if you’ve reached the moment where you want to invest in one of these handbags. Congrats! But if you haven’t, don’t worry ’cause things take time.

Work hard and you’ll get what you deserve!

Today I’m gonna share the 5 luxury handbags that will positively last a lifetime. They’re all modern classics that will always upgrade your looks.

1. Gucci Jackie Bag

Gucci’s Jackie 1961 bag is the definition of timeless style. Designed in 1958, the Jackie bag was originally named The Constance.

After the former first lady, Jackie Kennedy, was spotted carrying these bags so often in the 1970s, an icon was born. Gucci then changed the name of the bag to The Jackie. The bag has remained popular ever since it received Kennedy’s approval. 

In the Fall-Winter 2020 collection, Gucci has reissued this bag in a range of more colors and new sizes (mini, small, and medium). Apart from the classic GG supreme canvas, they’re also available in pastel colors, such as light blue, lilac, and light pink. 

If you want something new and unique, then a printed Jackie bag might steal your heart. 

2. DIOR Lady Dior

Another designer bag named after a fashion icon is none other than The Lady Dior (or the Princess Bag). The classic stitched leather handbag was launched in 1994 and originally called “Chouchou”, which means darling in French.

In 1995, it was gifted by France’s First Lady Bernadette Chirac to Princess Diana. And then became an immediate hit. It has been popular to this day, available in an array of sizes, colors, and materials.

With the elegant square design and classic stitched leather, Lady Dior bags have won many celebrities’ hearts. I’m so in love with this one that it would be my first choice when I’m ready to invest in one.

3. Fendi Baguette

The Baguette bag, first launched in 1997 (my birth year), became more famous after Carrie Bradshaw carried it in the “Sex and the City” series. The Hottest Bag of the Late ’90s! 

Fendi had brought back the classic and iconic Baguette bag for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. While keeping to the original iconic shape, the new Baguette now comes in a variety of sizes and materials to meet the diverse needs of ladies.

In addition to the label’s signature double-F logo, the new Baguette also came in various beautiful exteriors and bright looks, such as a white bag with flowers, a denim bag decorated with red embroidery, a duo-tone brown bag with tropical birds, and so on.

4. Chanel 11.12

Owning a CHANEL bag is definitely the dream of many girls. First designed by Karl Lagerfeld in the 1980s, the 11.12 bag with its signature turn and switch clasp was actually a reinterpretation of the 2.55 bag. The most noticeable change came in the form of a double C turn-style lock, a metal chain interlaced with leather, and the incorporation of seven functional pockets. 

It quickly became one of the most classically iconic handbags of Chanel history. A simple item in everyone’s closets. When you see a celeb carrying a Chanel bag, there’s a good chance it’s an 11.12.

5. Hermes Birkin

If you’re looking for a bag that fits every item in your closet, then this might be your bag. 

Born in 1984, this iconic bag was designed for Jane Birkin after she mentioned that she couldn’t find a bag that fit her needs as a mother. Since then, the Birkin bag has always been Hermes’s most sought-after item because of its sleek and simple design. 

What is your favorite classic bag style?

What bag style do you need for your wardrobe? 

Let me know below in the comments!

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