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I’ve been so inspired by the money topic recently. I listened to many podcasts, joined many free courses, read books and articles about the mindset you need to attract money.

It’s not like I searched for this topic intentionally. These resources kept showing up to me when I decided it was time to learn about manifesting money.

The most interesting thing? A mindset mentor I admire has just announced that her money course is officially open. Is it a sign from the universe? I guess it is (hah)!

Anyway, today I’m gonna share some incredible new secrets (not so secret) I’ve learned past few days. They have totally change the way I think about all things money, wealth and abundance. I wish the same for you!

Let’s get to these wealth secrets, shall we?

Money Is A Means Of Exchange

Money is a way for us to exchange energy in return for something else. It’s a unit of measurement used in the act of giving and receiving.

This happens anywhere and anytime in our daily life.

It’s like when I got an offer from Fiverr months ago (the time I needed to make some extra money for the Pinterest course), I delivered excellent translations and received the money in return.

Your part-time job, your 9-5, your side-hustle, etc. Everything you do to earn money, you actually exchange your energy to receive that money.

I was blown away by this concept when I first heard of it. It’s a simple truth which we somehow all forget.

I’m not sure about you, but I used to feel so embarrassed and timid when it came to receiving money. Even though I worked hard to receive it, I still felt so bad.

When my boss asked whether I had received the annual bonus, my face turned red, and I just wanted to change the subject right away after a swift nod.

I know it sounds ridiculous. But I also believe that many people feel the same way.

But now I learned that you cannot feel bad about receiving money because it’s an energetic exchange. So if you truly wanna attract more money in life, you need to remember that there is no reason to feel bad for receiving money. You’re worthy. You’re enough.

The same things happen when you buy clothes or invest in a course, etc. You receive these things in exchange for paying money.

So, next time when you pay for something, remember that you’re not losing your money. It’s a fair trade.

What if the thing you bought wasn’t as good as you thought? You might ask. 

To me, it seems like you’ve exchanged your money in return for a lesson or an experience. Learn from it, and that’s the value you receive.

Thinking this way will help you decide with clarity when it comes to receiving or spending money.

Money Is Unlimited

Many of us believe that there is not enough money for everyone. Therefore, some people are rich while others are not. And that does not make any sense.

This scarcity mindset has to go. Like NOW.

Every government has its system to keep on printing money to replace the money that got lost or damaged. In fact, they create more than that.

So, it’s safe to say that there is not only enough but MORE than enough for everyone in the world. 

Meaning, you can get as much money as you want while not taking it from anyone else. Making yourself poorer does not make anyone richer.

3 secrets to attract money
3 secrets I wish I knew earlier to attract money

Money Is The Result Of Value

Have you ever wondered why some people make a lot of money in a few hours while others have to struggle with 2-3 jobs?

Have you ever wondered why celebrities accumulate so much wealth by singing a few songs in a concert that is multiple times more than your 9-5 job?

Why? Because they’re providing so much value to millions of people in the world.

The more value you can create for others, the more financially abundant your life will become.

This is one of the most incredible money mindset that I believe everyone should know.

It’s not about hard work. The person who works the hardest is not the one who has the most money. By understanding this, you’ll realize that money is actually the result of value, not effort. 

Before You Go

The earlier we know and shift our belief about money positively, the better it is for our financial future (and bank accounts for sure).

I truly believe that it’s all about the mind. Having a balanced mindset when it comes to wealth will help us make decisions in alignment with creating abundance.

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